Course Booking

If you have received a letter from the Police offering you a place on a driving course, please enter your driving licence number carefully in the box below.

Our system will then check which type of course you have been offered and the time limit for you to attend, before showing you details of dates, times and venues for courses that we have available for you.

If you have any special requirements, such as needing an interpreter, to fully participate in this course, please click here.

In order to complete your booking you will need your payment card details.

Driving licence number:
Find my driving licence number...

Driving license imageOn photocard driving licences and paper licences issued in the 1990s, your driving licence number is shown as item 5 and should be entered without spaces in the box on this page, omitting the last 2 numbers at the end.

For example, the number from the licence illustrated here would be entered as MORGA657054SM9IJ